Quality assurance

In Balyfa a/s we are committed to strive for quality and continuous improvement in all of our processes and to comply with both customer and regulatory requirements.

Superior quality has been for more than 80 years and is still a key differentiator for most customers around the world when selecting Balyfa products.

In Balyfa, we constantly update this long term legacy by monitoring closely the customer satisfaction. Doing so, we better follow the evolution of the customer needs. We also ensure that our quality standards are always validated by the customers.

The Quality Management System provides the culture, structure and tools to drive continuous improvements with strong customer focus. Thanks to the Quality Management System, we improve quality internationally, including timely delivery and high and uniform product quality. The QMS ensure that our employees are equipped with the tools and processes to standardize our approach, accelerate the improvements and ensure performance is sustained.

High quality and continuous improvement must be the responsibility of all employees at Balyfa a/s. We believe that quality begins with the individual employee's commitment. The following commitments provide the framework to make a visible difference for the customer and ensure continuous improvements.

  1.  We will take every action to ensure our products have a high and uniform quality.
  2.  We will respond promptly to customer requests.
  3.  We will relentlessly follow up on every order, to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  4.  We will anticipate customer needs and be proactive in meeting them.
  5.  We will deliver what we promise, on time, with no exceptions.
  6.  We will strive to be known as the supplier who supplies the ”impossible”

In Balyfa a/s, we must specifically manage to fulfil the certification requirements for IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015 and have a strong focus on our customers’ requirements.

The CEO, supported by the QA Manager and the whole management team, shall ensure that Balyfa a/s maintains the quality management system and shall drive performance improvements.


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We offer you a range of services from design and simulation to the cost efficient production of tools. We have more than 80 years experience in tool making. A good tool is the key to many years of problem free production of items of a high uniform quality.

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  • Grundfos

    Balyfa displays a high degree of flexibility and is continuously striving to make improvements, which is in line with Grundfos policy

    Susanne Kis Moeller, Category Manager
  • Siemens

    Balyfa was recommended to me as a professional and fast supplier. I have now completed my product development project with Balyfa, and I must say that I had the same experience

    Alan Hansen, Project Engineer

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